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On behalf of Lucie Ray, and her toys, thank you for joining us, we are looking forward to playing with you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay!

Updated: Jul 5

One can feel great many sensations in the bedroom, however... There is a point when one desires to spice things up, add a little sprinkle, or simply - pour a bucket of everything, everywhere, all at once 😅 Why should you hold your fantasies back? What is the point of being a good boy? I will lend a listening ear and would very much enjoy to participate in different scenarios. I do have many uniforms, as well as gym clothes, both naughty and elegnat lingerie, dresses and suits. However, I believe that the biggest asset is the mind. What the mind can come up to, no attire can outshine. Well, it definitely helps, it can be a fine supplement, but it is all in our imagination at the end. Once upon a time... I was on one of the over 1100 flights I enjoyed... I still get excited when reminiscing. Read the next paragraph...It definitely makes me want to be the 'flight attendant'... well, I did try it out, but my uniform got ripped apart in the heat of the moment, so probably need to replace it, as soon as possible. Just for context I will post below what transpired during that flight... And maybe, it will inspire someone to develop a storyline out of it, so I can get the buzz out of it as we re-enact it. Here it is: ‘Crew, take your seats now!’ the captain ordered.

Out of nowhere, a girl sat on my lap—a flight attendant. In her mid-twenties, she looked like a ballerina who had just stepped down from the stage.

In a very apologetic manner, she explained, ‘Sorry, not enough time to reach my seat at the back. This is what we are instructed to do when it gets too violent.’

‘Safety first,’ I answered.

I had never seen this happen before despite having flown hundreds of times.

I was reading a book when suddenly we plunged into an air pocket. I had experienced similar motions before, but not as violent or as prolonged as this. It was the beginning of summer in 2014, and during those hot summer days, there were a lot of air pockets.

The book was wedged awkwardly between us, so I gave it to her to put in the seat pocket.

‘You need to hug me as I do not have a seatbelt,’ she whispered so the other passengers wouldn’t hear.

So, I did. She excused herself many times, but I assured her that it was fine and actually quite fun. The men on board seemed to agree.

‘If I had known this service was available, I would have made space for you on my lap,’ one of them said. Everybody laughed.

The plunge felt rougher than usual, as we were on a Dash 8. The plane was shuddering as if hit by a hammer, the creaking aluminium frame being pushed to its limits. The men on board, while amused by the sight of the stewardess perched on my lap, were clenching their fists so tight that their knuckles turned white as they grasped the seats in front of them. This went on for twenty minutes. I enjoyed it. I talked with the attendant even after the turbulence stopped, she was in a hurry to get up, but I assured her that I don't mind her sitting for a while longer. Half an hour later the plane touched down, smoothly. The captain knew how to butter that landing.

Perfect timing, I thought.

I had a sudden epiphany—was this flight an indication of what was coming later that day?

I was flying to Vienna to attend a rather naughty party... But that story is for another time... Needless to say, the most common fantasy is following the other participant to the lavatory and be creative in the rather small area you find yourselves in. Well that works, in the bathroom in the accommodation I stay. Haven't had sex in a long time there, and it calls for a go around... For your safety and comfort, please remain seated while your precious parts get the proper attention and the fireworks in your nether regions have stopped. Please check around for any toys you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when zipping up your fly, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight. On behalf of Lucie Ray, and her toys, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to playing with you on board again in the near future. Have a nice stay!

*Photo from my home office. I wish I could teleport it with me, just so I can be bend over the desk 😇


Jens Dahl
Jens Dahl
May 01, 2023

An acient danish proverb says : "He who has not had a fantasy of a stewardess has never traveled"

May 03, 2023
Replying to

Well, ancient wisdom is always right! Even if planes were just in people's minds and not yet created. However, these days flight attendants are here to fulfill people's fantasies 😉

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