• Lucie Ray

Why reviews are useful?

I believe that reviews are great for both sides - the woman and the man looking for a potential rendezvous. They can give a glimpse of the character, appearance and possible outcomes of a future meeting. They can be both objective and subjective, however without them, the idea of meeting her would be daunting. As I just restarted my secret hobby in August 2022, I highly appreciate reviews, whether they are 100% positive or 95% 😉 Nevertheless, I am a firm believer in sharing is caring, so I am always open to listen (or read) what a person who met me felt or enjoyed during our time together. It is a way to relieve the meeting again and again, so sometimes I have to chuckle about the small and quirky details. 🤭 Here, I will add some links from the lovely words shared on a Danish forum:

Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, in whichever country I find myself in! Always appreciated! ☺️

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