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The art of Pompoir

Updated: Apr 7

What is the practice of Pompoir? It is engaging the vaginal muscles, contracting and releasing them in order to stimulate the penis during penetrative sex.During traditional penetrative sex, two partners will move rhythmically in tandem with each other, thrusting or rocking. In Pompoir, however, both parties are completely stationary and the only part in motion is the vagina-haver’s vaginal canal. The pelvic floor muscles - specifically the pubococcygeus muscles - do all the heavy lifting. They squeeze and release, and - if the practitioner is highly skilled - they also tug at the penis, push it down or even gently twist on the shaft. To a casual outside observer, it will look like a woman is just calmly sitting cowgirl - style on her partner’s penis, until, of course, the tension builds to the point where one (or, ideally, both) of them orgasms. It takes a lot of patience, concentration and restraint, but the payoff can be a mind-blowing climax. The origin of Pompoir. Pompoir is a sexual practice developed in India over 3,000 years ago, and spread throughout Asia amongst the elite escort community.

First, the Devadasis. Female dancers and worshipers from Southern India, who had to learn Pompoir as part of their basic education.

Next, more than five thousand kilometers away, we have Greece, where Hetairas – high class courtesans – would  'split a clay phallus with their vaginal muscles'. Talk about divine skills!

I can keep going about all the nations where Pompoir is said to have originated.

In China, women performed a technique to “milk” the penis with vaginal movements. In modern culture, European kings have fallen prey to women that, allegedly, had training in certain sexual practices (aka Pompoir).


And finally, we can relate some aspects of Pompoir to the closest resemblance we have in the West: Kegel training.

You might have heard of Kegel training before – the contraction - based training by Dr. Arnold Kegels, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


Though Pompoir includes some Kegel movements and will also deliver the same benefits (to the woman), it is much, much more for both parties involved. The main benefit of Pompoir: Delivering pleasure. Pompoir is designed to stimulate the penis in very different (and insanely pleasurable) ways.

I will be gripping you tight and not allowing you to let go, I will be milking you as if I was giving you a vaginal handjob, I will be pulsing and sucking, and pushing you around – all with the finesse of a Sushi master making a Tako Nigiri. Done right it can almost be akin to being massaged there while having sex. Which is a rather intense feeling. I will be basically turning my lady parts into a 5 - star massager. Some other benefits include: Intense arousal Increased libido Better awareness and control of the body Pompoir techniques: The elevator

‘The elevator’ is one of the essential Pompoir movements.

The manoeuvres of pushing, pulling, and holding. The sucker

This technique complements the man’s thrusts, making penetration even more intense.

When you thrust in, I push down on my muscles as if I am trying to get you out. Then, I squeeze my vaginal muscles to suck you back in when you pull back. My own technique: I lay on my front, with a pillow under my stomach, to lift my bum, for a better angle of penetration, you come in from behind, push your cock deep inside of me and stay still. I move around, left right, front back, 360 degrees, squeeze, release, over and over again. Best done when you are close to orgasm, although I will not allow you to finish yet, just bring you dangerously close, so that you can feel every following move in every cell of your body, all you are going to wish is to explode... Your whole body will start shaking and you will be begging for it. I did some belly dancing in the past, which helps immensely, and this technique will feel as a horizontal dance, which will bring our bodies into one. Final note: While it’s helpful to understand different moves, Pompoir is also about indulging in good feelings and getting creative. It is all about sensations. So breathe, go slow, and feel everything.


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